CY80 22mm Sintered

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This manifold is designed to fit the standard 79cc long stroke engineThe position of the carburator is a perfect copy of the original, but the inlet opening of this manifold is bigger than the original: 22mm
Ideal to spice up your engine or complete your 93cc bore-up project. No need to mess around boring up your 40 year old original Honda manifold, which will only allow you to go up to 18mm. 

Material & finish
Made from laser-sintered Alumide, a mixture of aluminium and polyamide.
- heat resistant up to 140 degrees
- looks like sand-casted aluminium

- Alumide has good thermic insulating capacities

- the mounting flanges are sanded to ensure a well-sealing finish
- sealed with matte, fuel resistant clear coat 

! all manifolds come with mounting bolts, packing not included
! Not suitable for use on public roads, use only for track or display purposes!
! this product is explicitly sold WITHOUT WARRANTY. Only buy if you agree to this.

The picture below shows the sintered manifold next to the original Honda part:

Material Specs
Laser Sintered from Alumide
For Engine Type:
XR80 / CY80 (79cc up to 95cc)
Intake Diameter
Suitable Carburators
Keihin PC07a, PC18 and replica's
Keihin PC10, PC20, PC30

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